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Greenworld Slimming Capsules Price in Pakistan

Using the extraction method, Green World has created a natural product with no harmful side effects, allowing you to lose weight quickly and safely. The super effective and timely complex of Capsules Greenworld Slimming in Pakistan for weight loss exclusively on a natural and healthy basis. It is a highly accurate and effective weapon in the fight against excess weight! Elimination of excess weight - GUARANTEED.

Quick Fat Burner Tummy Trimmer Supplements By Green World Slimming Pill

Greenworld Slimming Capsule from Green World in combination with capsules Greenworld Slimming Capsule Green World. Today it is one of the best, unique, and super-effective means for weight loss, which is created based on herbs and seaweed. It can provide you with a completely safe and natural weight loss and, despite this, allows you to quickly and easily get rid of excess weight for 30 days for 7 - 12 kg.

Green World Slimming Capsule (Amaigrissement Capsule) 500 Mg X 60 Capsules

Research shows that Many Diseases are Closely Related to Obesity, Such As Type 2 Diabetes, Hypertension, Hyperglycemia, Hyperuricemia, Cardio-cerebrovascular Diseases, Menstrual Disorders, Infertility, Fatty Liver Disease, Cancer, Etc. Green World Slimming Capsule Decreases The Intake of Calories by Suppressing Appetite As Well As Accelerates Metabolism Rate to Increase The Burning of Fat As Fuel And The Breakdown of The Fat in The Body. With Its Natural Floral Formula, It Helps Lose Weight Safely and Steadily Without Rebound.

How To Use Green World Slimming Capsule?

• For Those on the Weight Control Program.
• For Those with Elevated Blood Lipid.
• For Those with Obesity.
• 2 Capsules Each Time, 1 Time in a Day, Take Before Meal.


Cassia Seed, Lotus Leaf, Mulberry, Hawthorn, Neroli, Jasmine, Rose

Characteristics and Benefits

• Accelerates Metabolism Rate To Increase The Burning of the Fat As Fuel and Degradation of Fat in the Body

• Decreases The Intake of Calories By Regulating Food Intake

• With Its Natural Floral Formula It Help Lose Weight Safely and Steadily Without Rebound and Generation of Wrinkles

• Dual Roles in Weight Loss And Beautification.

Suitable For:

• People on Weight Control Program
• People Who Intend to Prevent Overweight
• People Who Have Obesity

Key Knowledge:

Cassia Seed:

Cassia Seed Extract Boosts Weight Loss Due to Its Laxative Properties, Which Hydrate the Large Intestinal Tract To Loosen The Bowels. Cassia Seed Extract is a Tonic for the Eyes, Kidney, Liver, and Bowel. It is Useful to Address Liver Fire, a Diagnostic Pattern in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Symptoms of Liver Fire are Irritability, Headache, Red Face, Tinnitus, and Sleep Problems.

Lotus Leaf:

Alkaloids and Flavonoids in Lotus Leaf Extract decrease blood Glyceride and Cholesterol Greatly. Meanwhile, It Helps With Urination and Bowel Movement Thus The Excretion of Metabolic Wastes and Toxins can be Accelerated.


Hawthorn Contains Flavonoids, Hawthorn Acids, Procyanidins, Vitamin C Lipase, and Other Active Compounds That Lower The Blood Lipid Level. In Some European Countries, Hawthorn Extract is Considered A Relatively Safe And Effective Therapy for Mild to Moderate Congestive Heart Failure Due to Its Effects on Improving Cardiac Output.


Mulberry is Classified in the Modern Chinese Materia Medica As a Blood Tonic, Which Improves The Production of Blood Cells. Traditionally, Mulberry Has Been Used As a Medicinal Agent to Nourish The Yin and Blood, Benefit The Kidneys, and Treat Weakness, Fatigue, Anemia, and Premature Grading of Hair. It is also Utilized To Treat Urinary Incontinence, Tinnitus, Dizziness, and Constipation in The Elderly and The Anemic. The Bio-active Constituents Such As Vitamin C, B-carotene, and Seleniumans Flavonoids Improve Immunity and Also Work Synergistically as Antioxidants.

The Rose Essential Oil and Volatile Oil in Rose Extract have Shown Properties of Decreasing Systolic Blood Pressure, and Total Cholesterol Level. The Benefits of Rose Extract Extend Well Beyond It's Antioxidant Potency, However. The Extract possesses well-established anti-inflammatory effects and has Been Shown to Relieve Joint Paint Pain Associated With Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and lower- Back Pain.


It Helps The Burning and Breakdown of Fat, Thus Assists in Weight Loss.


500 Mg X 60 Capsules

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